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Art, specifically painting, has been my lifelong hobby. I have been painting since the age of ten, sometimes with acrylics and watercolours, but primarily with oil on canvas. I typically choose to paint in Realism, but have dabbled in some Impressionism and abstract, as well. I attended Virginia Tech during my freshman year of college to study architecture, but by the end of that year I decided to further explore my interest in foreign languages and changed my major to Japanese studies. Nevertheless, I would still one day like to work in an art-related field or at least continue to paint while teaching English abroad.


Caras most recent exhibition of her paintings was at Design Festa Vol. 22 in Tokyo on November 26, 2005.



Left: Cara sitting in front of her exhibit with La Tour Eiffel painting.  




Above: Cara giving a video interview    


Center: Cara and her friend Maria in front of their exhibits.    

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