Valentine’s Day Culture Point

Did you know that on Valentine’s Day in Western societies both men and women give gifts to their sweethearts?  (We don’t have White Day in March, and we also don’t generally give valentines to our coworkers, just our romantic partners.)   


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A “valentine” is a person, who agrees to be your sweetheart on Valentine’s day (and hopefully they will be your sweetheart longer than just one day!) We give that person a Valentine’s card, which asks them, “Will you be my Valentine?” and confesses new love or reiterates our continued love for our partners.




The Valentine card is often accompanied by a gift such as flowers, chocolate, candy, teddy bears, balloons, or even expensive gifts like jewelry (for that oh so special someone!). If we are in a relationship, then we usually go out on a date with our partner on the evening of Valentine’s Day.


Happy Valentine's Day!

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