Cara Phillips's Artwork

Art, specifically painting, has been my lifelong hobby. I have been painting since the age of ten, sometimes with acrylics and watercolours, but primarily with oil on canvas. I typically choose to paint in Realism, but have dabbled in some Impressionism and abstract, as well.

Virginia PeachesOil Painting of Peaches on Tree
Oil on Canvas, 24x30", Realism. Painted from a photograph. On permanent display at the Frederick County Administration building, Virginia.

Taj MahalWatecolor of the Taj Mahal
Watercolour, 30x24", Landscape and motif collage. Painted from various photographs. Gifted to Ms. Donna Phillips, Winchester, Virginia.

Mediterranean CoastOil Painting of the Mediterranean Coast
Oil on Canvas, 48x36". Painted from various photographs and the imagination. Purchased by Ms. Cindy Acree, Bentonville, Arkansas.