More About Me

Cara Phillips

I have taught English as a foreign language (EFL) in various contexts, though primarily in Japan and mostly at the university level. However, the past few years I have felt fossilized in my work, thinking that perhaps I have reached my full potential in the field of language education. Therefore, I decided to transition to a career where there is more opportunity to not only satisfy my need to create things, but to improve and make use of my skills in a broader context.
The part of teaching I have always loved is designing syllabi, curricula, lesson materials, tests, assignments, etc. Since 2017, I was able to create multitudinous 100% paperless blended, hybrid and online courses and run them using learning management systems and supplementary learning apps. Nonetheless, designing these courses and materials actually was such a small fraction of what my work entailed, and being so limited in the time I could spend on these activities, it felt like wasted potential.
I also enjoy coding, math, puzzles, languages, architecture, oil painting and really any kind of creative outlet or problem-solving activity, all of which I feel add to my potential in producing quality work.
If you have a niche that I could fulfill, kindly contact me! Thank you!