My Goals


Why software engineering? I have enjoyed my career as a teacher, and as a result, meeting so many individuals that have changed me for the better. However, the past couple of years I have felt fossilized in my learning/research/job options in the field of English language teaching, so I decided to take a leap and try a completely different craft. I like coding because I can focus on a product, which satisfies my need to create, whereas teaching has primarily meant interacting with others and not really making anything tangible. The problem-solving aspect of software development is a fun challenge, as well.

I'm also hoping that getting into the world of tech will make me more marketable and open up job possibilities that are 100% remote! Such opportunities would mean I would not be tied down to any one country, and I could, for example, live in both the U.S. and Japan throughout the year. As the pandemic wanes, I might even be able to live in other countries, as well!